Thursday, November 19, 2009

Maturialism and Melty Kisses

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I subscribe to a site that looks out for global trends and Maturialism is one of the trends they listed. for 2010. These marketing seers predict that "rawer, more opinionated, more risqué, more in your face than ever before" cyber folk will come (pun not intended) to the forefront of  online content. Some sort of online sexual revolution.

IceCreamists, is one of the entrepreneurs they featured in the article. I've never tasted their  naughty,  creamy delights and I am adamant about food that is all about the concept. But the store looks intriguing and their saucy website is definitely entertaining on its own.

Food and sex have always been intertwined. Humans have visceral reactions to  any kind nourishment and  reproductive activities. Combined, food and sex can cause spontaneous combustion.  I guess I only have to say 9 1/2 Weeks and you'd get what I mean.

My biggest food turn on has always been chocolate and the first chocolate that ever brought out the Maturialist in me was Melty Kiss.  Bloggers have waxed romantic about it and recently I waxed (pun intended) erotic about it.

I am not a poet and this is my most recent try at writing something other than prose. So please forgive me if I disappoint and I hope you will be gentle in your reviews. After all, this is me popping my maturialist cherry.


There you sit
In a pretty little box
Waiting to be plucked

Here I stand
Reaching out for your
Bittersweet promise

Trembling fingers
Unwrap you

I bring you closer to my parched mouth

The heat of my breath
Melts you

My lips touch your velvet skin
A sigh.

Our kiss is nothing but a prelude

Between my fingers and my mouth
You lie naked
Willing me to take you
I part my lips
To let you in

Gliding, sliding
Your smoothness creating friction
Against the roughness of my tongue
You melt
Like my lover’s back
My wet pink flesh on your skin

A river wells inside my mouth
Flooding my body with passion

Sweeping me to the shores of Paradise

I taste sweet
salt and sugar
Bitter brown
Sweet bitter salt
I moan your name
And press my tongue to my palate
Your nectar flows
Filing me with dreams
Of wine and fruits
Of leaves in meadows

A prayer escapes my lips
I bathe
In your goodness
I close my eyes

And take all of you in
One last time
Before you become

A memory.

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